Parent and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Lays the foundations for your little one to become a confident and accomplished swimmer

One to One Swimming Lessons

 Faster development when all eyes will be on you.

Squad Swimming Lessons

Pre-competitve training sessions for children from level 7 and above

Adult Swimming Lessons

A perfect way to improve your technique and stroke

WELCOME TO Goggle & Giggle

Our teachers are all professionally trained, with years of swimming and teaching. One thing that we all agree on, is that 1-2-1 lessons improve a child’s swimming faster than large group lessons.

Kids of all ages love swimming and we’d love to help them learn to swim or improve their technique. Here are some reasons why you should consider building your child’s swimming techniques with us:

  • Private 1-2-1 lessons with ASA and STA Level 2 teachers from parent and toddlers, once children reach stage 7 they can join our swimming squad
  • For children age 2 upwards
  • Improve your child’s swimming far more effectively than group lessons
  • In water assistance – our teachers teach from inside the water from Parent and Toddler all the way up to STAGE 5
  • Individually tailored content for your lessons (following the ASA national plan if you wish)
  • Learn fast, whilst having fun

With 1-2-1 lessons, we can treat you & your child as an individual & tailor our offer to support them in the water.

Type Timing Pricing Total Timimg
PARENT AND BABY GROUP CLASSES 11am-12pm 9.50 30 min.
CHILD - ONE-TO-ONE 7am-12pm 29.50 30 min.
ADULT - ONE-TO-ONE 7am-12pm 38.50 30 min.
CHILD - TWO-TO-ONE 7am-12pm 36.50 30 min.
ADULT - TWO-TO-ONE 7am-12pm 48.75 30 min.
Type Timing Pricing Total Timimg
ADULT ONE-TO-ONE 7:30am-9:30pm 38.50 30 min.
ADULT TWO-TO-ONE 7:30am-9:30pm 48.75 30 min.
Type Timing Pricing Total Timimg
CHILD - ONE-TO-ONE 11am-7pm 29.50 30 min.
ADULT - ONE-TO-ONE 11am-7pm 38.50 30 min.
CHILD - TWO-TO-ONE 11am-7pm 36.50 30 min.
ADULT - TWO-TO-ONE 11am-7pm 48.75 30 min.
Type Timing Pricing Total Timimg
CHILD - ONE-TO-ONE 11am-3pm 29.50 30 min.
ADULT - ONE-TO-ONE 11am-3pm 38.50 30 min.
(group class, stage 7 or above,
competitive stages)
3pm-4pm 19.50 1 hour
ADULT Advanced 4pm-5pm 13 1 hour
4pm-5pm 13 1 hour

WHAT OUR Swimming Teachers Say:

Swimming Lesson first

First Swimming Lesson

How to prepare your kid for their first swimming lesson... Great advice for parents to help them understand what to do on their child’s first swimming lesson. Let's run through a few bullet points, which are essential when they starting to swim: Check that swimming...

The importance of floats

When you look into whether you should use floats when teaching a child to swim, there are many mixed reviews – some say they are necessary and others not.   Our swimming teachers believe that using floats plays an important role in teaching babies and children to...


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