About us

Welcome to Goggle and Giggle a private swimming school for children and adults. We offer one-to-one and group swimming lessons for:

  • toddler age 2-5
  • juniors age 5-12
  • teenagers age 13 and over
  • parent and toddlers age 2 and over
  • adults (our oldest client is 84 years old)

We offer a range of classes for parents and toddlers to competitive swimming and all of our lessons are taught in accordance with The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the national awarding body for swimming. All of our swimming instructors are fully qualified to teach The ASA Learn to Swim Framework (stages 1-8) as well as The ASA Aquatic Skills Framework (8-10).

Established in 2012, we aim to establish healthy lifestyle practices to parents and children. We want your children to establish confidence in the water and to cultivate lifesaving techniques to enable them to swim safely.

Sinead has been teaching Matilda for the past 3 years – and as parents, we feel that we have lucked out big time (having had poor experience with swimming teachers elsewhere). Matilda has become a confident and able swimmer and has progressed seamlessly through the different stages of ability – all thanks to Sinead’s guidance. Sinead is patient, but authoritative and an excellent communicator with both kids and parents (always a plus). Matilda loves her lessons and as parents, we are grateful for what she has done and would thoroughly recommend her as a swimming instructor.

Vicky Sheehan, Parent

Abena Gray

As a professionally trained swimming teacher I have worked across London and its surrounding regions for more than five years, during which time I have acquired a wealth of experience working with children in the water. I have taught adults and children, from complete beginners to those at more advanced levels, such as triathletes.

I have worked with mothers and babies as well as children above 5, guiding them through the National Plan for teaching swimming. During my time at YMCA Club I have successfully trained a number of children through all 10 stages of the National Plan for teaching swimming, taking them to long-term athlete development.


  • ASA Levels 1 and 2 Swimming Teacher
  • ASA Level 1 Swimming Coach
  • NPLQ Lifeguarding
  • NVQ Level 2 in Sport and Recreation at Richmond upon Thames College
  • BA (Hons) in Business Management at Open University



  • High levels of learn to swim technical support, for all age groups (young children to adults).
  • Water phobic
  • Preparing for swimming club training.
  • Training programmes aimed at specific needs.
  • Open water swimming and triathlon training
  • Water polo fitness training
  • Swimmers recovering or living with long-term illness

Click here to book a swimming lesson with our instructor Martin.

Martin Purcell

Martin is an extremely experienced swimming teacher and coach, who with various swimming clubs through out London. Martin specialises in a very positive approach to a “learn to swim” programme, everyone should feel good about themselves when they finish a lesson. Martin has a strong technical ‘swim’ background; he is able to provide a very high level of knowledge to all his students. Martin enjoys working with all age groups and abilities, and uses his specialist skills to help students to reach their full swimming potential.

As well as his ASA Level 2 qualification, Martin has used his BSc Human Biology and Level 5 Teaching qualifications in roles such as head coach of the YMCA Masters Swimming Club and in his role as coach for the London University Swim team. He has received the prestigious ASA National award for his role in developing the best community-swimming project. Martin takes child and vulnerable adult protection very seriously and is always up to date with all safeguarding courses.


  • ASA Level 1 and 2 swim teacher Qualified
  • Degree BSc Human Biology
  • Level 5 Teaching Qualification
  • Level 5 certificate in Physics
  • Foundation degree Medical Sciences Birkbeck College University of London
  • ASA National award for best community swimming project
  • Qualified as Lifeguard (NPLQ)

Terry Scott

I’ve been teaching and coaching for a number of years across a plethora of sports, including swimming. As a teacher, I am keen to make the sessions fun and promote confidence in all of my learners. My passion for coaching shines through in my sessions and I take great pride in us achieving successful results together.


  • ASA Level 1 Swim Teaching
  • BTEC Level 2 First Diploma in Exercise and Fitness
  • NVQ 2 in Sport Recreation and Allied Occupations
  • Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership
  • NPLQ Lifeguarding
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Emergency First Aid



Stella Kammel

I entered the swimming world as a competitive swimmer at the age of seven, and have been teaching beginner to competitive level swimmers for the past eight years. My lessons are carefully designed to be in sync with each swimmer’s individual ways of learning, as well as their unique, natural physicality in the water. At the base of each lesson I lay the foundation for good technique and on top of that I add drills and games that play to the natural strengths of the individual. My lessons are structured to enable each swimmer to develop a simultaneous endurance and effortlessness in the water. Working with swimmers of all ages, skill and experience level, I introduce very beginners gently to the water while streamlining the strokes of trained athletes.


  • American Red Cross, Fundamentals of Instructor Training
  • American Red Cross, Water Safety Instructor
  • American Red Cross, CPR-AED for Lifeguards
  • American Red Cross, Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider
  • BA University of Rochester



Miren Gonzalez

I have been working for the Central YMCA London for the past three years. During this time, I have been coaching children aged 5-16. This entails creating, adapting and delivering lesson plans with specific learning outcomes for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 with mainstream school pupils. I have always been passionate about sports, particularly swimming as I am also a qualified lifeguard. I specifically enjoy helping others to achieve their personal goals and watching them fulfil their potential.

I am an enthusiastic person who enjoys being part of a coaching environment; delivering dynamic lessons to engage pupils and enhance their learning experience.I pride myself on my ability to adapt lessons to the class’ needs, as well as specific individual’s requirements. This ability has been strengthened by my work with the Sunday Hub Club (YMCA) where I have gained invaluable knowledge around delivering and adapting physical education to those with additional needs. I am keen to continue developing my knowledge and improve my coaching skills, so I regularly attend ongoing personal development courses.


  • Degree in Physical Education, Sport and Activity(BSc), Barcelona 2006-2010
  • MastersDegree in Education, Barcelona 2010-2011
  • ASA Level 1 swim teacher Qualified (2017)
  • NPLQ Lifeguarding (2017)
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Emergency First Aid (2017)

Luigi Cordiano

Since my early years it was hard to keep me out of the water and I was lucky enough to start my journey into competitive swimming at the age of 5. I competed at regional level for a club until the age of 15, when school commitments forced me to stop competing regularly. However, swimming has remained a great passion of mine.

Those years spent in the pool have made me aware of the importance of learning to swim, as a life skill, means of social connection and a great and fun way to exercise and keep healthy.

As a qualified ASA Level 2 Swim Teacher, I am keen to transfer my passion for aquatics to everyone from young children to adults via one to one or group lessons. My competitive experience has given me a good knowledge of the sport which I’m keen to pass on to children and adults willing to learn or improve.

My experience of teaching differing ages and abilities means my lessons will adapt to the different needs. I am proud of always maintaining good relationship with the learners, to support and keep them engaged and motivated.


  • ASA Level 2 swim teacher
  • BSc Political Science
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