Welcome to Goggle and Giggle a private swimming school for children and adults.

Founder and Director | Head Swimming Teacher and Coach

Abena Gray is the Founder and Director of the high quality London based swim school, Goggle and Giggle founded in 2010. Abena’s successful and popular swim school has a reputation for excellent specialist training programmes aimed for beginners to triathletes offering lessons to babies, children and adults. Through Goggle and Giggles’ tailored approach, the swim school offers a wide range of services from home visits to specialist intensive courses and private lessons 1:1 to groups nationally and internationally. Abena’s clients have also included high profile individuals.

With over a decade of experience teaching swimming and managing a team of 12 highly experienced and expert swim coaches, Abena has successfully expanded her swim school across five London boroughs serving over five thousand students. Goggle and Giggle has established itself as one of London’s most popular swim school with a reputation for exceptional service. Her youngest clients are 2 years old, and the eldest is 84. The 84 year old, could not swim 2 years ago and now does 100 laps a week, and has brought his children and grandchildren to learn to swim also. As well as teaching enthusiastic learners and athletes, Abena uses creative and expert methods to work with people who are water phobic and swimmers recovering or living with long-term illness.

Originally from a riverside district in Jamaica Abena is driven by a desire to make swimming fun and accessible for all and this passion is at the heart of Goggle and Giggle. As a life-saving skill, Abena believes that everyone has the potential to be confident and competent swimmers and engages all different levels from parents and toddler classes to competitive swimmers. Abena is one of the very few Black Swimming school business owners in the swimming industry and believes in the power of representation and diversity and through her work dispels the myth that Black people can’t swim.

Goggle and Giggle offers private home tuition, for those who have a pool. Lessons take place across London, nationally and internationally. Under Abena’s expertise and leadership Goggle and Giggle has successfully forged relationships with a diverse range of clients including the Hurlingham Club, YMCA Central, University College London and Marlborough Grove. Goggle and Giggle is unique. Lessons and courses are fun, exciting and progressive hence the title Goggle and Giggle which came from the parents and children of the club. The swim teachers are talented and care about the customer experience.  Goggle and Giggle values feedback and continually works to refine and review services to ensure a first class experience for all who swim through the doors!

In addition to her role as MD at Goggle and Giggle, Abena believes in giving back to her community and regularly shares her knowledge, business experience and expertise with others inspiring them to fulfil their potential in business and sport.


ASA Levels 1 and 2 Swimming Teacher

ASA Level 1 Swimming Coach

NPLQ Lifeguarding

NVQ Level 2 in Sport and Recreation at Richmond upon Thames College

BA (Hons) in Business Management at Open University

National Plan for teaching swimming through all 10 stages from beginner to long-term athlete development.

Adult swimmers have also found Goggle and Giggle invaluable in their own journeys. Below are some of the glowing reviews of the company. 

Swimming Lessons


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