Excellent- making learning to swim fun and enjoyable.

All the instructors bring something special to each client and inspire and motivate all they teach.

Highly recommended- a personal tailor made service to fit your Swimming needs that is reviewed to suit your style, timetable and circumstances. Go on give it a go you will never look back.




Our adult swimming lessons are delivered at YMCA Club based in central London.

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About our Adult Swimming Lessons

All new swimmers are assessed in their first lesson. Following an initial assessment, each learner will receive a grade from which a dedicated swimming program, outlining the proposed stages of their development will be devised.

The initial adult swimming lesson provides an opportunity to discuss and identify development goals.

At Goggle and Giggle, we teach adults to learn to swim from scratch, to learn a new stroke, and/or to improve overall swimming ability.

Adults that attend our swimming classes benefit from precise instructions on the correct techniques, strokes and postures.

Our adult swimmers can also take advantage of our 10 stage awards program and certificate scheme as we track their development on the ASA’s national swimming plan.

Our goal is for all adult swimmers to develop the confidence to swim on their own in their own time.

Here at Goggle & Giggle, we believe that we can build muscle memory through repetition and fun activities in the water.

Our swimming lessons for adults in central London focus on water safety, built on all-round fitness, enhanced stamina, strength and flexibility in the water.

If performed properly, with good technique, an adult swimmer will benefit from cardiovascular improvement and muscle strength.

For more information about our adult swimming lessons and classes in Central London, North London, South London, and West London, please check our FAQ page.

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