Hopefully we have covered all questions you might have about our swimming lessons below. If you have any other questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can from the contact form on our website or alternatively you can phone us on 077 692 57 633.

Once we receive your booking form we will then either call you to discuss your requirements if you never had a lesson with us before or book you in for the next available lesson if you are our regular client

Yes, you can watch your child swim. Outdoor shoes are not allowed onto poolside areas, but there are blue pool shoe covers provided on poolside.

Each of our pools has all the equipment necessary for your child’s lesson. If the teacher feels that your child needs extra buoyancy aids, they will supply them for you.

Usually a child will have individual lessons at around 3 years of age, although this is dependent on the child, parent and teacher who will decide this together. We will aim to make this transition as smooth as possible and will happily ‘wean’ the parent away over a number of lessons.

Once a place has been booked, there will be no refund given if cancelled less than 7 days prior to the start date.

Courses cancelled with more than 7 days notice will be entitled to a refund.

It is not wise to bring your child swimming with anything more than a very mild cold. If your child has an ear infection, please do not swim until it has cleared up. It is not likely to have been caused by swimming, however it will be uncomfortable and your child’s ear should be kept dry until it is clear. If your child has repetitive ear infections you can purchase ‘ear band’ for swimming, and seek advice from your GP or consultant.

Our swimming lessons are delivered in a 25m pool in one of the largest health and fitness facility in central London. Take YMCA Club’s virtual tour and see what is on the offer – it gives you a chance to see all of the facilities and some of the fabulous classes in action.

Our changing facilities are children friendly and have plenty of showers and changing cubicles. They offer hair dryers, hair straighteners and shower gel free of charge. Towels are however available to rent and lockers require one pound coin to lock to keep your belongings safe.

Our optimum age for a child is 2 years. However, as our teachers are qualified to teach all ages, you can start your child at any age.

Adults need to wear goggles and hat or tie their hair back if the hair is long. Babies will be required to wear wet suit to keep them warm.

We recommend that you don’t eat at least one hour before your lesson. You can eat after the lesson as your appetite will be more open after the lesson.