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Our group swimming lessons are delivered at YMCA Club based in central London.

Check out the timetable for group swimming lessons and to book your session in.

About our Group Swimming Lessons

Established in 2007 with the expressed aim of promoting a love for swimming, Goggle & Giggle has taught scores of children and adults this invaluable lifesaving skill.

Now in its 7th year of business the school is seeking to expand and build on its experiences with the roll out of new innovative lessons for kids and adults.

Goggle & Giggle built its reputation by following the 10 Levels structure put forward by the ASA. Here at goggle and giggle we believe in confidence building  through fun and enjoyment.

Our instructors teaching from within the water, we believe that confidence in the water is essential in developing strong swimmers.

All it takes to learn to swim is your time and patients, to acquire a new stroke, is quality instruction, commitment and practice. Swimming is an individual activity; therefore, Goggle Giggle’s main focus is on providing individual support, feedback and guidance thus all classes are capped at 4 swimmers.

Babies as young as 6 months enroll with their parents for lessons in our parent and toddler classes. Children remain in these classes until they reach stage 5 where they can join our group lessons.

Students receive detailed personalized booklets outlining their progression through the 10 stages of the ASA, our awards system means that we issue students with certificates at the end of every stage.

Group swimming classes and lessons promote confidence through clear instructions, hands on feedback and by having clearly defined progression points.

For more information about our group swimming lessons and classes in Central London, North London, South London, and West London, please check our FAQ page.

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