Our Teachers

As a professionally trained swimming teacher, I have worked across London and its surrounding regions for more than five years, during which time I have acquired a wealth of experience working with children in the water.

I have taught adults and children, from complete beginners to those at more advanced levels, such as triathletes.

I have worked with mothers and babies as well as children above 5, guiding them through the National Plan for teaching swimming.

During my time at YMCA Club I have successfully trained a number of children through all 10 stages of the National Plan for teaching swimming, taking them to long-term athlete development.


Martin Purcell – Head Coach

Martin is an extremely experienced swimming teacher and coach, who with various swimming clubs throughout London. Martin specializes in a very positive approach to a “learn to swim” program, everyone should feel good about themselves when they finish a lesson.

Martin has a strong technical ‘swim’ background; He is able to provide a very high level of knowledge to all his students. Martin enjoys working with all age groups and abilities and uses his specialist skills to help students to reach their full swimming potential.

As well as his ASA Level 2 qualification, Martin has used his BSc Human Biology and Level 5 Teaching qualifications in roles such as head coach of the YMCA Masters Swimming Club and in his role as coach for the London University Swim team.

He has received the prestigious ASA National award for his role in developing the best community-swimming project. Martin takes child and vulnerable adult protection very seriously and is always up to date with all safeguarding courses




Amit Shaw

Amit began teaching in the 90s at his own swimming school in India – helping both adultsand kids build confidence and improving their water skills.
Amit is not only an experience teacher who has trained more than 2500+ students over the years, he has significant experience including disabled and special needs swimmers as well.

This includes film stars from the Bollywood and their children. Amit really enjoy teaching swimming and passing on the knowledge to others. He has continue his extensive experience of teaching swimming across all ages after migrating the
the UK in 2008. His exceptional ability to adapt new techniques for individual needs, combined with his demonstrative and disciplined attitude can be displayed throughout all of his lessons. Amit’s goal as a swimming teacher is to help all students reach their swimming potential!


Francesca is a swimming and waterpolo instructor. She has worked for Circolo Nautico Posillipo from 2010 to 2018, when she then moved to London. She learned how to swim when she was 2 and, since then, Francesca has always loved it. When she was 15, she started playing waterpolo in the A2 women league in Italy, participating in 5 youth waterpolo finals. As a waterpolo coach Francesca took part in two HaBaWaBa International Festival with the under-11 team of the Circolo Nautico Posillipo. Francesca also attended the Sport Science faculty at the “Parthenope” University in Naples.

During the past 9 years Francesca has gained experiences training kids of all ages, coaching both individual and group lessons. She prides herself with being able to develop great relationship with the kids she trains, thanks to her empathy and expansiveness.


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Ellie Duplock

I began volunteering as a swim teacher at the age of 15, I then went on to do my ASA Level 1 and Level 2 in 2016 aged 17. I have 6 years of experience being both a swim assistant and a swim teacher as I am now 21. Although I am young, I have a wide spectrum of experience. I have also done my Lifeguarding qualification, Safeguarding for Children in Sport, and I am currently in my third year of my degree at The London School of Economics. I have worked with parents and babies, children, and adults up to the age of 70, as well as coached swim squads. I have experience in both one-to-one lessons, and group lessons. I also have extensive experience working with children with autism, adults with down syndrome and children with phobias of water. I am an ex-competitive swimmer, so have intricate knowledge of the technique of all four strokes.

Ioana Stefanelli

Ioana is a professional swim teacher. She is very passionate about swimming and, on top of teaching, she also trains with the YMCA Master Swim Club. As she is keen on developing her own swimming skills, she can relate to the challenges faced by learners and help them overcome these by integrating her first-hand knowledge into her lessons. Ioana has a very positive attitude and thinks a swim lesson should always be fun. She enjoys working with all age groups and particularly with children.

On the side, Ioana is studying to complete her BA in Philosophy which helped her develop valuable interpersonal skills such as communication and empathy.



Claude is an experienced and ardent swimmer who has been training intensely for over 14 years. After a near death drowning experience, Claude’s mum sent him to learn to swim from the age of 8 where he subsequently went on to train to Olympic level and represent Barbados for CARIFTA where he swam amongst the Caribbean’s elite. With experience in high intensity training 5 days a week, Claude is a competent and confident swimmer not only in the pool but in open ocean waters.

Claude continued to train professionally right through university where he then began voluntarily helping swimming teachers for beginners. With a wealth of swimming knowledge, patience especially with children, Claude has become renown for having the appropriate demeanour for delivering training whether it be swimming or project managing in his other line of work.

Claude’s expertise ranges from breaking the phobia of swimming in water from all ages, making swimming fun and competitive at the same time, maintaining professional relations with his clients and delivering constructive feedback as well as listening to his clients needs making sure he tries to fulfil their expectations.


Swimming is an important life skill and it was important to me that my children learn to swim. I chose Goggle and Giggle and I never looked back! The team is fantastic, so attentive, so professional and tune to your own individual needs. My daughter has been swimming with Martin for about 3 years now and her progress has been fantastic! She always enjoys her lessons and always comes back with a smile on her face. So, I motivated myself and enrolled for the beginner adult group lessons as I never learned to swim as as kid. And here again thanks to Abena and her fantastic team my progress has been outstanding , I still can not believe what I have achieved in the space of a few months. I am currently improving my front crawl, back strokes and learning the butterfly stroke!!! I can not recommend them enough! Don’t think twice just give Abena a call you won’t regret it! I have now also enroll my little toddler and I can’t wait to see all the family swimming together

K.D - Parent