How to prepare your kid for their first swimming lesson…
Great advice for parents to help them understand what to do on their child’s first swimming lesson.

Let’s run through a few bullet points, which are essential when they starting to swim:

  • Check that swimming googles are packed in their bag
  • Make sure your child knows how to properly dress and undress themselves
  • Make your child aware of general water safety before going in
  • Pack a hairband or a swimming cap
  • Keep their belongings safe by labeling them with name and address tags
  • Your child may need a hairbrush with them as well as a container to keep personal effects like jewellery or watches safe
  • Pack a healthy snack and a drink that can be consumed following a swimming lesson
  • Bring along swimming trunks/costume, towel and all the essentials in a suitable-size bag

Then, after they had their first swimming lesson and now are on a good run of swimming lesson, then they can start having some practice drill sessions by themselves.
Something similar as below:

  • 25 yards – freestyle, x4 easy warm-up
  • 25 yards – kick-board, x4 20 sec rest between laps
  • 25 yards – freestyle, x6 decrease each lap by one stroke, 20 sec rest between laps
  • 25 yards – sprint laps, x4 decrease each lap by 2 secs, 30 sec rest between laps
  • 25 yards – freestyle, x2 easy cool down

And so does the swimming lifestyle starts…

I hope this is somehow helpful towards you.

Enjoy your swimming lesson 🙂

Goggle and Giggle team

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