We use music and games to teach toddlers to take their first strokes accompanied by their parents in the children swimming lessons in Bermondsey.


One-to-one-swimming lessons in Bermondsey are provided for both children and adults where there is only one instructor focusing on only one student for better learning.


Adult swimming lessons in Bermondsey are available for people of all ages and stages of development. Whether you want to learn swimming or train for an event, you will get group as well as private swimming lessons in Bermondsey.


The squad children’s swimming lessons in Bermondsey are for those children who want to start competitive swimming. Lessons start from stage 1-6.

My daughter studies for nearly one year and half with it. The teachers are so nice and I really happy to see my daughter’s improvement. This summer my little boy studied with Martin for one class and Abena for two classes, I can’t imagine how he improved. He will be four in October and he is afraid of water, when he was watching his sister swimming he is so curious about swimming but he is afraid to be near the pool and will cry if he was in the pool.
The first class he cried for nearly 10mintues and always struggle to hug me, Martin told me to trust him and give him 3minntues alone with my son, surprised me after 3 minutes, my son stopped crying and try to do a little bit in the water:).
The second class with Abena, she is really nice person sing the songs and play with my son in the water, I can know my son get rid of the fearness. Only 3 lessons, he got great progress. I do appreciate the teach did to my son.
The teachers are very professional and easygoing. It is really worth having a try.
Shi Sally



To book your lesson at Bermondsey Goggle and Giggle, check this timetable.

About Our Swimming Lessons

Everyone joining swimming lessons in Bermondsey will be assessed on the first day to assign a grade based on which individual swimming programs will be tailored for each student with fixed goals for each development stage.

Parents are always requested to attend the swimming lessons of their toddlers so they can be active in the process of analyzing their children’s capabilities and deciding their goals. Children swimming lessons in Bermondsey are usually 30 minutes long, which is children’s optimum attention span, but longer lessons can be requested.

Lessons must be booked four weeks prior. Children who are six or more and grown-ups can take classes in groups of two or three. But if you want better progress and faster results, we recommend private swimming lessons in Bermondsey.

Our FAQ page will have any other information you may want.

Special Needs Classes

Years of experience have made us experts in providing one-to-one swimming lessons in Bermondsey for children with additional needs like autism or dyspraxia. For further discussion, do contact us.

Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is a great form of exercise that can benefit anybody in a variety of ways like:

For health purposes

Swimming has a lot of health benefits. Depending on how hard, how long, and how often you swim, you may be doing a basic or intense cardio workout. It improves your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthens and tones your muscles, and gives you full-body exercise.

As a career option

When you learn swimming from a young age, you tend to excel in it, which opens up the doors to competitive swimming. You can also move on to other water sports like water polo, sailing, or rowing.

Swimming Lessons in Group

We provide children, adult swimming lessons in Bermondsey tailored to suit your needs. Like learning to swim or preparing for a race between a group of 4 – 6 children in class under stage 5. There is no age constraint and you can choose between group and private swimming lessons in Bermondsey. We also provide swimming lessons in Bermondsey to children of or above level 7

Life-saving skill

Drowning is a major cause of death every year and the best way to prevent it is by learning to swim. Swimming is an essential survival skill and can help you save yourself and others.

Boost creativity

Swimming requires fast reflexes, coordination, observation, and other important skills. All these help improve the cognitive and receptive skills of people, which can be useful in all spheres of life.

For weight loss

Swimming is also a great calorie-burner at 3 calories per mile per pound. It provides a fun way to keep yourself healthy and slim.


Size, age, or ability is no constraint when it comes to swimming, making it a highly accessible and inclusive sport for everyone.

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