My daughter studies for nearly one year and half with it. The teachers are so nice and I really happy to see my daughter’s improvement. This summer my little boy studied with Martin for one class and Abena for two classes, I can’t imagine how he improved. He will be four in October and he is afraid of water, when he was watching his sister swimming he is so curious about swimming but he is afraid to be near the pool and will cry if he was in the pool.
The first class he cried for nearly 10mintues and always struggle to hug me, Martin told me to trust him and give him 3minntues alone with my son, surprised me after 3 minutes, my son stopped crying and try to do a little bit in the water:).
The second class with Abena, she is really nice person sing the songs and play with my son in the water, I can know my son get rid of the fearness. Only 3 lessons, he got great progress. I do appreciate the teach did to my son.
The teachers are very professional and easygoing. It is really worth having a try.
Shi Sally



To book our children swimming lessons in Essex, take a look at our timetable.

About Our Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons in Essex start with an assessment class to award a grade to the child based on which a swimming program with defined development stages would be customized.

The children swimming lessons in Essex are ideal for the early establishment of goals and plans, which is why parents are always asked to accompany their children for better understanding. Toddlers are taught through music and games so that they can learn while having fun.

Children’s swimming lessons in Essex are capped at 20 minutes, which is an optimum duration to retain focus. But we do provide longer lessons on request. Any lessons will have to be booked 4 weeks prior. Duration is of 8 to 10 weeks.    

Children swimming lessons in Essex can be taken in pairs or trios. But we have noticed the quickest progress in children when they take one-to-one swimming lessons in Essex in the safe and most fun-loving atmosphere that we provide.

Children between grades 1-6 who want to take up swimming competitively are given special pre-competitive squad training to help them prepare for events.

Our FAQ page will provide further information.

Children With Additional Needs

Years of experience have made our Goggle and Giggle instructors adept in providing private lessons to children with additional needs like autism or dyspraxia. We do our best to encourage inclusivity and would love to discuss more when you get in touch with us.

Why Should You Sign Up Your Children For Swimming

A child gets a lot of benefits from swimming. Some of these are given below:

Your children learn to be healthy from a young age

Swimming is an all-round exercise that stretches and tones the muscles and provides core body benefits. Swimming helps increase heart and lung capacities. And the best thing is that children obtain these benefits while having fun

Build a future in water sports

There are many opportunities for young swimmers to go competitive and carve out a future for themselves. Swimming also introduces children to other water sports like water polo, sailing, rowing, and more.

Swimming is an essential life skill

Too many lives are lost to drowning and learning to swim from an early age is the only way to be safe against such accidents.

Swimming improves mental aptitude

Swimming is an activity designed to improve sensory as well as cognitive skills. People who learn swimming as children have been proven to develop better creativity, reflexes, and perception skills in life. The chances of dementia at a later age also reduces.

Swimming is a great calorie burner

In an age where too many children suffer from obesity, swimming provides a great way to lose weight easily through full-body exertion. Gyms can be boring but swimming is always fun.

Swimming is inherently inclusive

Swimming is by nature far more inclusive than any other sports in terms of age, size, or ability. When children learn inclusivity from a young age, they become more accepting individuals later. Moreover, disabled children have an easily accessible sport so they don’t have to miss exercise. Google and Giggle is UK’s organization for teaching water safety sports & activities and for the teaching of swimming. We are an industry standard for giving one-to-one water safety teachers & swimming training which is recognized & delivered in Essex till Stage 6. To obtain all the specific details about the enrolled courses it is important you get with us.

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