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Swimming School in London: Everything You Need to Know

Goggle and Giggle has been providing swimming classes for quite some time now. Our director Abena Gray laid the foundation of this prestigious swimming school back in 2010. If you are someone looking for swimming classes in London, then you have landed at the perfect place for an impeccable kick-start to your swimming journey. 

Here is a brief overview of some popular programs offered at our swimming school in London, along with an introduction to Goggle and Giggle and our team members.

Swimming Classes in London

There is a start to everything. From your very first step to you diving all the way as a professional swimmer, we will be there for you. We have professional expertise in every stage of your exciting swimming journey. 

With our wide array of children and adult swimming classes in London, we offer programs suitable for every age group. The most popular programs listed at our swimming school are as follows:

1. Program for Children

This is a short-duration program suitable not just for children but for adults as well. The classes are around 30 minutes long, and grades are evaluated for every learner. People who are new to swimming more often tend to enrol in this basic program. Children or toddlers, in particular, are advised to be present along with their parents.

2. Program for Adults

Swimmers who are looking to develop confidence and learners tending to learn new strokes are most preferred for this program. After their first assessment, every swimmer is given a grade accordingly for a dedicated swimming schedule. Goggle and Giggle has been offering the best adult swimming classes in London with our tailored program. Our notion for adults is to focus on overall fitness, building strength and flexibility in the water. 

3. Home Visit

This program intends to train individuals looking for training in their own private space. The instructors at different swimming schools offer home visit training programs in any private pool or pool in an apartment. These programs are best suited for infants and older people. Just book your slot with a call and dive into your training journey. 

4. One to One

One to One swimming lessons are the best way to start your swimming journey both as a child and an adult. These lessons are efficient and show faster progress. The hands-on nature of these lessons helps learners challenge themselves while building confidence and strength. 

About Goggle and Giggle 

Goggle and Giggle has emerged as one of the most popular swimming schools in London. Our specialized approach for swimming training has been our key to success over all these years. The customized way of training offers a wide range of courses for beginners turning into professionals. 

From home visits to private lessons to one-on-one groups, we have your back in London and abroad too. An expert team of 12 highly experienced coaches has been training thousands of students in London. We intend to provide the best and bring out a successful output from everyone. We also use creative approaches to train water phobic swimmers.  

Tutors at Goggle and Giggle 

From complete beginners to fully trained professionals, we have tutored them all. Our trainers are skilled swimmers who have tutored children at YMCA through all ten stages as per the National plan. We have been training students for around five years across London and closer regions. Alongside the director herself, there is a team of twelve members working for Goggle and Giggle, serving students and training them with all their experiences for all-around development via swimming. The team here comprises the best swimming teachers in London, and all of them are approved by ASA. 

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