“Abena is a wonderful teacher and goes the extra mile to help her pupils.”

“My daughter Ziphoora started learning swimming with Abena as a toddler in a parent and toddler group. That was over four years ago. After the toddler group we tried one year group sessions but we felt that the progress was not great so we went back to Abena and never stopped. Now at the age of 7 my daughter is a confident swimmer, doing almost all styles very well. Most importantly she enjoys it. What’s more when I was faced with my second triathlon I asked if Abena could teach me from time to time, as my front crawl swimming was not good at all. Abena was able to find the problem areas and get me on the way. We have no hesitation to recommend her.”
“My children has been swimming with Goggle&Giggle for almost 3 years. I am pleased with their progress. Martin, our instructor is very clear with his instructions, friendly but firmed. Which I think is very important for my cheeky kids. Because of the kids swimming, I joined the adult group swimming lessons last year. Within the period of just two terms of swimming, I went from being a breaststroke only swimmer to being able to swim front crawl, backstroke and a bit of butterfly. I have just came back from my swimming lesson. Today we did tumble turns and it was so much fun! I always watch other swimmers and thinking when can I do that. I DID IT today, not perfect, but I am learning the technique and I am improving. Thank you Martin and Goggle & Giggle, I look forward to my lesson every Sunday and so are my children.”
“Having one-to-one swimming classes with both Martin and Abena for the last 1 year has been completely outstanding for me. Martin & Abena knowledge, experience, skill set, professionalism and dedication, together with their personalities & characters, makes me feel very comfortable and at ease, which prompt me to work on the exercises much more confident & more focused, creating that sense of feeling that I been working with them for decades, which is just perfect! The results speak for itself as my breaststroke is almost at “Olympic games mode” and my free style is…I’m working on it lool. Plus they can still make you laugh, even when you out of breath :). What can I say more?? ***** stars & hands up for Goggle and Giggle and their staff, and that they continue their huge success for many more decades to come. Congratulations as well to YMCA club, for working in partnership with such amazing swimming school. Keep up the fantastic work guys, you’re awesome!”
“Swimming is an important life skill and it was important to me that my children learn to swim. I chose Goggle and Giggle and I never looked back! The team is fantastic, so attentive, so professional and tune to your own individual needs. My daughter has been swimming with Martin for about 3 years now and her progress has been fantastic! She always enjoys her lessons and always comes back with a smile on her face. So, I motivated myself and enrolled for the beginner adult group lessons as I never learned to swim as as kid. And here again thanks to Abena and her fantastic team my progress has been outstanding , I still can not believe what I have achieved in the space of a few months. I am currently improving my front crawl, back strokes and learning the butterfly stroke!!! I can not recommend them enough! Don’t think twice just give Abena a call you won’t regret it! I have now also enroll my little toddler and I can’t wait to see all the family swimming together.”
“My wife and 10-year-old daughter Leylah were visiting from The Bahamas for two weeks and wanted to arrange private swim lessons for Leylah who is a competitive swimmer. We worked with both Stella and Francisco, and we were very pleased with their services. They were able to put together practice sessions tailored for Leylah’s level of swimming. What we most appreciated was the fact that both assisted Leylah in fine-tuning technical aspects of her strokes that are often missed in a larger team practice setting. We recommend Goggle and Giggle swimming school without reservation.”
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“Within weeks of joining Goggle & Giggle, my 11 year old son Manny had really grown in confidence in the pool and was even putting his head right under. I am now planning to get my daughter lessons with them too.”
“I LOVE goggle and giggle! My son is autistic. When he started the lessons a year ago he was very shy, and introverted. A year on and my son adores his teacher and is totally confident and outgoing! These swimming lessons have changed his life & mine! I adore the whole team!! Best thing I ever did was sign my son up to swimming lessons with them!”
“We have tried a number of swimming schools but have now found the best in Abena and Martin. They are patient and encouraging in equal measure. I cannot praise them enough.”
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“Abena has been teaching my twins, Noah and Gabriel, individually. They are completely different characters which require different teaching approaches. Abena has been absolutely brilliant in adjusting her style to suit the person. They love learning from her. She inspires them to want to perform well and they are more confident and comfortable with each class.”