The National Curriculum of London includes water safety and swimming as a legal part of the swimming school, London. This is to ensure that by the age of eleven all the students will know how to use a wide range of personal survival skills and recognized stroke-like surface dives, floating, sculling, breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl. They are taught how to use recognized leg and arm actions while lying on the back and front. The pupils are prepared to swim over a distance of at least twenty-five metres for a sustained period without any assistance. And hence, they can pace themselves in swimming and floating challenges related to personal survival, distance and speed. Moreover, they have the best swimming teacher in London with expert instructions to deliver excellent lessons to the students. 

First Stage – from Stage 1 to Stage 6

London offers a twelve-week beginner swimming program for all the pupils depending on the requirements of the school. The duration is typically one to five hours every week. For every eight pupils, they can provide one instructor. In each hour, the hourly lessons can be provided to a maximum of forty pupils. 

The students receive formal assessments in their first lesson. The students swimming at the sixth stage and below that are admitted to the beginner’s swimming program. Every three weeks, the pupils are formally assessed for the degree of progress. They are provided with the feedback and recorded results, along with professional guidance on how to achieve better performance during the next stages. These students are administered to four assessments over a period of twelve weeks. 

Second Stage – from Stage 7 to Stage 10

The ones who will swim at stage seven and above will get admitted to the advanced swimming program. The best swimming teacher in London will issue a level seven certificate to the advanced swimmers at the beginning of the course. Upon completion of the course, these students are expected to get another certificate at higher levels. 

The advanced swimmers get checked for advancements at an interval of three weeks, accompanied by pre-recorded outcomes and expert assistance to secure ranks at the competitive stages. The pupils of advanced swimming work on four assignments over three months with the aid of the best swimming teacher in London. There are private schools for swimming for both children and adults for group and one-to-one lessons for adults, kids and toddlers. 

The ASA National Teaching Plan assesses the swimming capabilities of the students at stages one to ten. While the first stage is the entry-level of swimming, at the last stage the students will certainly achieve their swimming abilities at the level of competitions. And to reach the competitive level, the students must have the ability to display their relevant competencies. The students will achieve the ASA standard in the course of the program, and when they reach the end of their swimming school London course they will be issued with it. 

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