Swimming lessons

Goggle and Giggle offer private one to one swimming lessons for toddlers of 2 years all the way through to adults looking to learn to swim or improve their stroke.

Parent & Toddler

This session lays the foundations for your little one to become a confident and accomplished swimmer. Through using song and constructive play, this session will engage your child whilst teaching them their first swim strokes.


One teacher, one student. Open to both children and adults. These sessions allow the instructor to give their undivided attention to just one student.


Pre-competitve training sessions for children from level 7 and above. These sessions are suitable for children who are ready to start swimming competitively.


Tailored sessions to help you reach your target, be it finally learning how to swim or improving your stroke for an upcoming race or event. We train adults of all ages, offering private & group classes.


Our lessons are delivered at YMCA Club based in central London. Checkout the timetable and to book your session in.

About our lessons

All new swimmers are assessed in their first lesson. Following an initial assessment each learner will receive a grade from which a dedicated swimming programme outlining the proposed stages of their development will be devised. The initial lesson provides an opportunity to discuss and identify development goals.  All parents are encouraged to attend the swimming lessons with their kids, in particular parents with toddlers. Kids lessons last 30 minutes which allows us to maximise the effectiveness of the session before the little ones begin to lose concentration. Longer sessions are available upon request. All swimmers are required to book lessons four weeks in advance. Children aged six and above and adults have the option to take lessons in pairs or as a group of three. However, the children who take part in group lessons often don’t progress as fast as those who receive private one to one swimming lessons. For more information about our swimming lessons, please check our FAQ page.

Children with additional needs

Over the years Goggle and Giggle instructors gained lots of experience offering one-to-one swimming lessons to children with additional needs particularly with Autism and Dyspraxia. We work hard to be inclusive, so if there’s anything you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.

Benefits of swimming for your children

Swimming has many benefits, but the ones below are particularly beneficial for your children. Keeps your children healthy Swimming can provide children with a range of exercise, from a small amount of activity and movement to a full-on cardio workout. The fun of messing around in the water allows children to exercise without even realising it. It can provide stretching and toning exercises, or a full workout that can strengthen the lungs and the heart. Opens the doors to other water sports Swimming opens the door to other sports and activities, including rowing, sailing, water polo and even becoming the next Olympic or Paralympic champion! Swimming provides challenges, from working through the Kellogg’s ASA Awards to perhaps one day swimming the English Channel. Life-saving skill Swimming is the only sport that can save lives. Learning to swim is fun but it also provides health benefits and could save a child’s life. Sadly, drowning is the third most common form of accidental death in children, so learning to swim really is an essential life skill. Boost creativity At present 1 in 5 children in the UK leave school unable to swim. Several studies have shown that babies, who swim within the first two years of their life, develop a greater sense of their surroundings; they become more creative and observant. Swimming is a great calorie burner Swimming burns 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight which is very important nowadays when children spend most of the time in front of TVs and computers instead of being active. Beneficial for everyone The great thing about swimming is that children of any age, size or ability can take part – and it is more accessible to children with disabilities than most other sports.

My daughter Ziphoora started learning swimming with Abena as a toddler in a parent and toddler group. That was over four years ago. After the toddler group we tried one year group sessions but we felt that the progress was not great so we went back to Abena and never stopped. Now at the age of 7 my daughter is a confident swimmer, doing almost all styles very well. Most importantly she enjoys it. What’s more when I was faced with my second triathlon I asked if Abena could teach me from time to time, as my front crawl swimming was not good at all. Abena was able to find the problem areas and get me on the way. We have no hesitation to recommend her.

Daniel Zylbersztajn


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